with sprinkles on top.

I love reading about food. According to my book on Dutch food---and our experience---it is all about bread for breakfast and lunch. Their hot meal is dinner. 

You would be hard-pressed to find options beyond Dutch pancakes, toasties, pastries or croissants for breakfast. Sure, throw in some yogurt, hard boiled eggs or bacon for sides--- but merely as a compliment to rolls, brown or white bread, plain or chocolate croissants, raisin bread, muffins, grain bread, etc.

And yet it isn't just about the requisit bread, but bread with an impressive variety of sweet toppings. Usual topping choices (and this goes for cafes/bed & breakfasts/homes where we rent rooms with 'breakfast included’) include multiple jams (berry, apricot, raspberry, blueberry, etc.), honey, peanut butter, chocolate spread, hazelnut spread, butter & cheese, ham, chocolate flakes, chocolate sprinkles and pastel sprinkles... to name a few.

This morning we finally splurged---sprinkles and all. Caleb and I took warm rolls, cracked them open, spread them with butter and enthusiastically poured on the sprinkles. Delish. And makes you feel sheepish and guilty. But then again, if you are about to hop a cycle and ride for numerous miles… bring it on!

And lunches? Broot: more bread. Paninis, toasties, sandwiches, burgers, croissants, crostinis. Meat and cheese placed in a baguette, between slabs of bread. Starch central. 

But we love the emphasis on bread, as it often makes for a great vehicle to try different sauces, accompaniments and generally speaking: fills up our adolescent boys quite proficiently on a budget. Carbs and proteins are readily available, so we find that we scoot often to grocers---to pick up supplementary fruits and vegetables. Which works just fine; because when you deviate from life’s path for an adventurous excursion like this one… why not have sprinkles on top?


  1. a country that REALLY appreciates a large portion of bread,cheese AND candy?????
    sign me up.
    i'm putting on my list of places i MUST visit in this lifetime!
    oh, i how i LOVE bread.......

  2. Well, just know it is in your veins;). No resisting!!!


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