from airport to Amsterdam

Though we are a few days into our trip, I didn't want our first moments in Holland to get lost in the mix.

After James assembled the bikes, we rode a short 2 miles to a nearby hotel. We were floored/impressed/thrilled to find bike lanes everywhere. Like yellow brick roads guiding us wherever we want to go (but with red bricks, or grey). This is a picture of us in front of the first hotel, and all geared up to ride into Amsterdam.

On a side note, we were a bit alarmed by the weight of our two little panniers (whose turn is it to carry the computer?!!), and learned quite quickly that lifting a pannier-laden bike was not an option... you must always roll that bike into place.

Actually, once you have forward momentum the bikes sail right along; it is the starting, stopping and slowing that makes you uber-aware of your panniers (love those curbs: like riding in a bowling lane with the rails up, except... bowling balls don't tip over). Which simply means, we will take quite seriously anything we add to them, and will readily consider 'losing' things that might be weighty. Souvenirs? Try stickers, postcards or maybe a necklace. Nothing heavy or with volume. A fun challenge that will add interest to our travels.

In fact, here is a picture of things we unloaded at our first hotel. We were determined to leave behind a few items---though not of great weight or volume---it was more about the psychological benefit of knowing we lightened our load (placebo effect). So goodbye deck of cards, razors, extra lock, tool and some chocolates. I am pretty sure this is just our first pile of 'leave-behind' items. In the very least it creates room for tiny little purchases along the way.

This windmill is a picture of the first one we saw in Holland. Note the sign to Amsterdam. We were on our first 12 mile ride into the city, and thought it prudent to capture our first windmill. Many more to come.

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  1. What an honor to be the Frolic's first neighbor in Europe! (And what a coinkydink to all be Seattleites.) We'll miss you when you pedal off tomorrow! Bonnie, Dan, and Josie


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