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Our family likes to frolic: to carve out opportunities to soak up life, each other, travel as much as possible, and in general: go out on a limb. Or a bike. Or skis. Boogie boards... they work too.

We are a family of four, each with a different personality, opinion and perspective. There will be four authors on this blog: Caleb (12), Anthony (13), Janelle (eh, you really thought I would state an age?) and James ('dad').

There is something about us that makes us keep reaching. A constant stretch to make life count, to add to our already growing pile of memories. And since we have yet to figure out how to freeze time, we figure we better make the most of the time we have been given.

Somehow, we figure these are the years---this decade or two---that we will talk about until we have lost our teeth.

Which is why we are determined to frolic.

We have talked often about starting this site, to document our frolicking. Anthony came up with the name, Caleb drew the logo. Mom popped it on blogger and dad? He works his arse off to save money for our frolicking.

We love the small weekends with big plans, or a coveted week of sun in the middle of our chilly winter---all precious memories we wedge into our busy lives. But it makes us crave more, and we find ourselves determined to increase the frequency of our frolicking. We have a SCREAMING DESIRE to slow time down, put the breaks on, grab our children by the shoulders and soak them up. Because it goes by too fast. And they grow up way too quickly.

SO we are going for the mother load: we are packing up, moving out, exiting our USA-based lives and jetting overseas. On bikes, via soccer turf, in cafes, through museums, next to canals and over cobblestone.

For better or for worse: we are off to frolic for a year... and we leave in a week. Which is why we [finally] started this family blog. It will document our frolics; we will share our favorite finds and faux pas and all the fan-fare in between. We will post photos and video clips, travel tips and family quips. We will talk about places to go, things to see and of course, all they great food and folks along the way.

Ultimately this blog is a means to capture moments we want to remember never to forget---while at the same time sharing them with you.


  1. I'm so excited for all of you. I can't wait to read your updates, and hopefully plan our own escape, though I can't imagine when my kids will be as old as Anthony and Caleb. Let's see what happens 11 years from now. Good Luck!

  2. Thinking about you all today, on this the first day of adventure! Glad I got to see you this weekend, even if I missed the boys.

    HAVE FUN!!!

  3. Joseph: thank you!! We hope this trip makes you want to take one too someday; hearing from Anthony and Caleb will be the best part.

    Kristin: SO great to see you; the boys missed you but are impressed that you are going to buy a sailboat!!

  4. Um... DID buy a sailboat. Now lets see about that marina slip!!

  5. Wow! How have I managed to not hear of you until now? Good on you for taking the time to be with your kids now - before it is too late!


  6. Nancy! I know, right? Probably my fault, too busy biking and too little time reaching out online;))). But like I tell my kids: we cannot go backwards, we can only go forward;) So salute to our new biking friends!!


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