it makes me think of you.

Keith: this picture is for you. James thought you would like the use of pipes for table and benches. And in front of a fine restaurant, no less.

Lily Kate: I paid big bucks for a haircut, then cut it again myself. Like Auntie like niece. I miss you.

Dad: the doves. Everywhere I hear doves. In cities all over, topping churches and houses, perched wherever we seem to pause. It causes me to smile. We grew up with their cooing; what made you choose doves for our home?

Grandma Velt: I have so much more to say to you… you always had a beautiful collection of handkerchiefs. I started my collection---today---with a red [Dutch] handkerchief, spotted with blue flowers.

Kurt & Maluhia: the colors! A guy walked by with bright orange pants, and another in green. I always think of Europeans as being dressed to the hilt in subdued blacks, grays, whites and the like. But the Dutch wear spots and dots, colors and flowers and carry bright umbrellas. Just today I saw a rough looking gentleman ride by on a bike… with white-dotted pink panniers. Love it. Bright are you!

Maggie: You would love all the shoes and boots, the smartly worn scarves and the well-suited jackets. Dressing up a notch just looks better. I love that about you. Even if you are in a rush, lacking sleep or otherwise preoccupied, you still manage to look put-together.

Grandma Van: this trip makes me appreciate your love for flowers, your penchant for peppermints (the Dutch have such a sweet tooth!) and your infamous sweet rice with a dollop of butter and brown sugar. I read a book on Dutch food and it actually mentioned the combination.

Mom: your cupboards? I see them everywhere. Those tiles with Dutch boys and girls, Delft inspired motifs and playful blue-and-white lace, are alive and well in the Netherlands. I know I grew up looking at them, but seeing them cluttering the shops in the form of towels, magnets, napkins, etc., makes me appreciate the synergy that much more.

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