FYI, my parents carry around hand sanitizer, and wipes, etc., any time, any day, any week, any second, any minute, any hour, any month, any year. I’m being abducted by my germaholic parents! 

Number 1 (#1 rule to learn on the 'problems list') is to not put your hands above your neck (at the same time, that means you can still touch other people’s faces---such as a stranger---and sneeze/cough on them). We’re not supposed to put our hands above our necks because of germs and the swine flu. 

To me, when my parents say not to put our hands above our necks, I can just see that glint of pulverization in their eyes that they’re going to try to destroy us. There might be an invisible laser field around our necks, so if you put that hand above the neck, hohoho….you’re in trouble. The hand goes above the neck…pfft, now the hand=gone. Hand=cut off. Goodbye hand. Might as well be heading off to the electronics store (scary place…they might cut off your other hand). Nothing you can do about it. 

*  * 

(propaganda above should not be available to kids under the
age of seven. Sorry I forgot to mention it earlier)

Later I will mention the ruler in between my brother’s forehead and his IPod Touch. My brother has been continuously cutting the ruler into thirds--- that’s one cool four inch ruler (may I also mention that this “ruler” is 2nd rule to learn on the 'problems list'). Don’t worry, I have a ruler also, and every once and a while I cut it into fourths.

Sorry I haven’t posted yet. We as a family have been limited with our time on the computer, and the rest of the family has been hogging it (either that or I haven’t even bothered).

If you like Jim Gaffigan (the comedian in the video above, here's two more small clips of his that I love:
click here and here.

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  1. germaholic...
    that's me.
    i'm with you.
    it just makes you wonderfully-concerned-tad-bit-overprotective mother.
    hold that title proudly dear one.
    i do.


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