Murano Glass

All four of us want to take glass-blowing classes. Why not? We are curious, love to create and think its cool. And walking around Venice---then Murano---inspired us even more.

Did I mention Anthony blew glass? We were touring Murano Island---off the coast of Venice---and saw a glass-blowing demonstration. It is part of the lure on Murano, to show people glass-blowing, in hopes that they will buy from your vast array of glass accouterments. And by accouterments I mean anything from necklaces to vases, earrings, bowls, collectible figurines of fish, bugs, penguins, roosters... wine stoppers, bracelets, wall-hangings and the like.

So the guy showing his talent with a bit of fire and calculated exhale---allowed Anthony to do the same. Anthony made this cool little glass candy that he will undoubtedly keep forever. We were interested in the art of blowing glass before, but now it is a must on our life list... (I have my cousin to thank for the concept of 'life lists' I am so working on mine and hope to post soon).

OH and my sister-in-law Cindy and I bought bracelets from this same said shop. So, I guess the lure-al 'a-demonstration works? We bought matching bracelets and snagged a bit of deal for buying two instead of one. Success all around. It made all-of-our-day!

If you visit Venice, you might think of grabbing a ferry to visit Murano. You can buy a one-day (12 hour) 'boat pass' for around 15euros ($20). We all bought one and used it to grab a boat and tour Venice's entire canal, then caught another boat out (and back) to Murano. Why not use water for transportation?

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  1. good pictures... no popping blood vessels! :)


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