Cousin itinerary

March 31: arrival

April 1: recuperate re: time zones, walk about town (aka Florence) and visit museums according to the day they are and are not open:
  • morning pastries in San Nicollo
  • walk on Oltrarno
  • see Piazza Michelangelo?
  • Le Academia (Michelangelo's David etc.)
  • dinner in (homemade pepperoni pizza!)
April 2: road trip (Avis)
  • San Galgano
  • Petriolo hot springs for lunch and dip
  • overnight in agriturismo 
  • dinner at Cecchina---famous butcher who trained Mario Batali (in Panzano)
April 3: road trip (cont.)
  • Castellina in Chianti (see etruscan tombs & underground tunnel)
  • Greve in Chianti (Saturday market, fantastic souvenir shops)
  • Verazzano (winery---cellar tour, wine tasting)
April 4:  Easter Sunday
  • Florence chariot-on-fire event
  • Easter egg hunt
  • Easter dinner IN (traditional Italian multi-course meal from appetizers to easter bread, contorni and Vin Santo...)
April 5:
  • walk by Santa Croce, Piazza Signoria, Ponte Vecchio
  • lunch at famous stand-up window
  • Bargello museum (2 hours)
  • passegiata (evening stroll from 5pm-7pm)
  • dinner IN
April 6 - April 11 Cinque Terre
April 11 - April 15 Venice
April 15 - April 18 Florence:
  • Uffizzi Gallery (piles of famous art---Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Boticelli, Titian---one of the most renowned galleries in the world)
  • Duomo
  • Gemstone/Mineral museum


  1. I am so envious! Wish I was enjoying the trip with all of you - sounds like a fantastic itinerary. BTW, love the Osteria picture above - open for lunch (noon to 3), but don't even think about dinner before 700p! And, of course, you know it'd be empty at that hour too. Because you're not really hungry until 800p (regardless of what your body might be telling you)! So Italian.

  2. Wonderfully fun! I look forward to hearing about your adventures. :-)


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