frolicking friday FOTOS

Here is an experiment: posting a frolicking foto on fridays. Not just us. But you too! I wrote a PAGE about it (tab above).

On Fridays: post a photo of your frolics. Then share a link to your photo---put your link right in the comments, below. So if your photo is on a blog, Flickr or Picasa or another photo account by all means give us a URL so we can check out everyone's frolics. And tack on a sentence or two about the photo. Skip writing a whole post. This is like a hall pass for Fridays (as it should be!). Put up a photo that inspires frolics, is of you frolicking, that somehow captures 'frolicking' and/or otherwise resonates with 'frolicking fridays.'

FYI 'Piscina' is pool in Italian. This was snapped just outside of Panzano in Chianti at an Agriturismo.


  1. Sounds a fun idea. As I already post a Friday Foto I do not think I can participate as they are not all folics:)
    Good Luck with the idea though.

  2. LindyLou: no prob;) I figure it will take weeks for the idea to catch on;). But might be fun to try;).

  3. Well if any of mine turn out to be frolics I can always cross post :)

  4. A day early, but, you know. http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4030/4522516724_a8651c45b5_b.jpg

  5. Ciao Janelle,
    first of all, congratulations on the blog, it truly feels like a fun place to hang out! The Friday Frolic series looks like a great idea.

    Here's the link to my post containing the photo you liked. How does this work, do you simply pingback to my website?


    I ask because duplicate content with search engines rates as spam.

    The photo has a watermark, but considering it portrays my child–and should therefore be duly privacy protected–please always credit © Eleonora Baldwin, thank you!


  6. Theresa26.5.10

    I really love this picture! It is beautiful and so inviting the way it was shot and framed.


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