frolicking friday fotos (round 2)

Oops---sorry I missed last Friday. Was frolicking away from home with no internet access. Here is this friday's pic:

Sits outside an all-lavender shop on one of my favorite little side-streets in Florence, Italy. My nephew actually snapped this photo!

Okay... um, just how much money would it take for you to actually ride this thing? Or should I ask: if forced to ride this purple tulle cycle, exactly WHERE do you picture yourself riding it?

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  1. Anonymous24.4.10

    ski to sea parade wearing a tutu

  2. Anonymous24.4.10

    the purple bike would pick me up and we would fly to the magical blueberry patch where I would indulge in onions and papias w/the girl who woke up from getting her wisdom teeth pulled.

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  4. Anonymous6.6.10

    I love this photo. Do you remember the name of this shop? My husband and I were in Florence last summer for our anniversary. I would ride this bike every day, laughing like an idiot, if it meant I could live in Florence!!! Thanks for a wonderful, informative site!

  5. Love the imagination!

    Don't remember name of shop, but will try to walk by... its in the streets between the Duomo and Piazza Signoria...


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