Caleb's To-Do list

Caleb was bored in class the other day, and decided to write a list of things-to-do after school.

On Tuesdays in particular, he has the night off (no soccer). And since the boys are home by 1:10 on that day (1:10 on Tue, Wed, Thurs and 4:00 on Mon, Fri), Caleb decided to list his options for how to spend his time.

Of course, as a mom this tickled me to pieces; I often ask the boys---to determine their homework load for an evening---how are you going to spend your time tonight? As in: what is your plan? How will you choose to spend the hours in front of you? How will you prioritize work and play, when will you do your requirements (homework, chores) and what do you want to do with your free time?

I find that when Anthony and Caleb (and me too!) have a big chunk of free time (say a long Sunday or a big night off like Caleb's Tuesday), sometimes we are disappointed when all of a sudden the day has gone and we haven't 'done what we wanted to do.'

Sure, it can be nice to have a mental break in front of the TV or catch up on email or facebook---I get sucked into my computer like the best of them. But technology seems to swallow time. Ten minutes becomes three hours---and your morning is gone, or you blink and all of a sudden it is bedtime. And although it can be nice to check your email... you may want to do other things with your free time (bake, journal, paint, play guitar, study Italian, create ornaments). So we are increasingly in the habit of asking: how will you choose to spend your time?

Too, the boys can gauge if they want to do homework right away (generally yes) or if they are brain-fried and need some time to paint, play cards, catch up on email or just watch some TV. Relaxing is fantastic, especially when you are spending your relaxing time---very valuable free time---the way you really want to.

Here were Caleb's time-spending options/priorities for Tuesday night (italics are my additions):

  • sit-ups, push-ups
  • eat sandwich, music on
  • play army (for Anthony) (the boys are constantly making up strategic card games, army games, etc.)
  • walk around Florence
  • cut fingernails
  • email
  • Bachelor! (last episode of The Bachelor downloaded today)
  • Facebook profile picture (I vote for one of the photos in this post!)
  • Parts for street hockey (add to growing pile of rules, parts and accouterments for games)
  • watch TV (the boys are really into CSI, NCIS and Law&Order; though we love a good soccer game)
  • Draw cards
  • Read
  • D&D
  • Invent
  • Guitar
Lucky for him, he only had 10 minutes of homework. He watched The Bachelor, painted (because I had just bought new canvases that day), tried to take a new profile picture (not good results with indoor photography at night), ate his lunch to music, sketched design ideas for a new car (see Invent, above), cut fingernails and played guitar. All in all, a nice long evening off---and he felt good about how he spent his time.

And so did I.


  1. Caleb: I absolutely LOVE your "To Do" list. I look forward to hearing you play guitar, seeing what new inventions you dream up (keep a journal of ideas like Leonardo da Vinci), doing push-ups with you, and going for a walk on your favorite street in Florence. Of course, I am assuming you'll have finely manicured hands! ;)

  2. LOL he will probably be mad I published this list... darn blogging parents. Embarrassment just got elevated to a whole new level!

  3. Fabulous to-do list. :-) I'm inspired!! I've got to get back to mine. :-)

  4. Rambling: wouldn't you love to see a To-do list from when you were 13?

  5. Dutch fan10.3.10

    The DAD is gone too long. Please come back on the Italy pictures. So in vivo.

  6. Dutch fan: so true!


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