funny tshirt... you had to be there.

Anthony and I were taking a walk around Florence---and found this t-shirt. Mostly because we cycled across Holland and Belgium, into France. And spent time in England... and now live in Italy... I think we found this shirt particularly hilarious. Stereotypes are stereotypes, and we have experienced quite a few of them recently! This was cause for some great belly-rolling laughter.


  1. Anonymous24.3.10

    Hi Gina, Anthony & Calab,
    It's a joy to read your postings! Miss you guys much!! Love ya!
    Oma & Opa

  2. OMG that shirt is so on point! I love it and the fact that our kids can actually appreciate the differences amongst all these European cultures. What a great world we live in!

  3. That is hilarious! :-) Love it. So true. :-)


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