if you were in florence for an hour...

Today I blogged, researched for our upcoming Tuscan-inspired road trip, caught up on email, did the dishes, laundry... yep, all the normal routine daily stuff happens no matter where you live.

But I promised myself---and James---that I would step out today and soak up Florence. If just for one hour, for one ogle at the Arno River and a walk to a nearby butcher.

Wednesdays here mean the boys have school, are home for a few hours, then cycle to soccer. So this morning I tacked my way through the internet and at noon: pushed myself out the door. In just one hour I:
  • stopped by a ceramic shop and bought an olive oil pouring top (for this great olive oil pitcher mom bought me), 
  • had 'lunch' (really a gathering of a few bruschetta and a glass of vino) at a cafe I had passed too many times without stopping...
  • studied Italian (during lunch!); and
  • bought some veggies from a frutta e verdura stand---one of my two favorite to frequent. 
Mission accomplished! The boys come home at 1:00, and I was home in time to hang laundry on radiators, assemble their lunch and put out a bowl of chocolates. Salute!

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  1. You achieved more than I did today! Cold, damp and miserable day here and I only ventured out briefly for fresh air.


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