10 games we play.

We play cards.

Lots and lots of cards. In fact, we were playing almost every lunch and dinner and just recently decided to cut back and play at just one meal a day. We figured a little chatter and debriefing at a meal or two might be fitting. (Conversation, it turns out, is a great place to learn new little tidbits about each other, including how weird your parents were in high school, favorite moments of today's bicycle ride or rating the food).

But cards are a nice way to just hang out, slow time down and in general, enjoy each other's company.

Here are a few games we play, quite frequently:

1. Pirates Dice
2. Nerts (Caleb's favorite)
Hearts (James' favorite)
4. Chicago Rummy (Anthony's favorite)
5. Cribbage (skip the board, we peg on paper)
6. Euchre
7. President's (Janelle's favorite)
8. Spit (not good for tables with beverages... it involves a lot of fast moving... and cola in the shoes really doesn't feel so good).
9. Snicklefritz (Caleb made-up game)
10. Farkle (mini version with teeny dice comes in old film case... hey, perfect for fitting into that little purse I saw at the market...)

And at a recent stay in Weert, our hostess encouraged us to look up the game FLUXX. Perhaps it will be our next favorite?

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