deadly paths

One of the first things to come to mind about our cycling trip: taking a path that could kill me. This is related to our first ride, 25 kilometers of first impressions and discovery.

After we cycled about the first 15 kilometers through beautiful fields of dirt (and some flower sprouts of course), we began the treacherous road (aka our first time cycling in the major city of Amsterdam).

The last 10 kilometers were my first lesson on how to get myself killed.
Session A of my first lesson: single lane road, bike lanes on both sides, and cars going both directions… single lane road… cars going in both directions… hmph. If Session A is scary, Session B is a nightmare. Session B is a nightmare because it is Session A multiplied by 5 on the scariness chart. Reasons: 1. Scooters, 2. Cars, 3. Trams 4. No Stop Lights (almost), and 5. No “Walk” and “Don’t Walk” Signs.

*Don’t worry, I got over this easily*

I make it sound much worse than it is. Sure, it was an adjustment to be part of the main flow of traffic in a major city, but by the end of our first week in Amsterdam, we had gotten the hang of it.

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