what is in my panniers?

If you could only have 2 panniers…

I have shared with you on multiple occasions, the challenge of filling just two small panniers for a 90 day trip. And you may have sensed the enthusiasm we feel, when we leave behind extras---and lighten our load.

Perhaps you have caught wind of our excitement when we are able to wash a load of clothes; because having more clean clothes in our panniers than dirty is no small accomplishment.

Perhaps you will find it silly... but for fun sake, here is a list of my pannier contents:

• 1 short sleeve all purpose tshirt

• 3 long sleeve shirts: white v-neck, gray workout, black v-neck

• 3 tank tops: white, black, brown

• 1 short sleeve cycle shirt

• 1 long sleeve cold weather cycling shirt (layering)
• 2 dresses (one black, one summery black/white/gray paisley)

• I black skirt

• 1 gray jersey skirt

• 1 brown cycle skirt with bike shorts attached

• 1 black bike shorts, well-padded

• 1 black workout shorts (often goes over the cycle shorts)

• 1 casual beige shorts

• charcoal jacket

• white cycle windproof, water resistant jacket (yep, thought it was water proof, but found out the hard way that it is just resistant)

• 1 white cycling zip pullover/my only ‘sweatshirt’

• 1 pair jeans

• 1 flip-flops

• 1 tennis shoes (walking/cycling)

• 1 pair black/gray flats

• 4 pair socks

• 1 handkerchief (red/blue bought in Alkmaar)

• 1 fanciful scarf (light gray with floral print) bought at outdoor market in Hilversum

• 3 bras (2 ‘workout’), 4 pr undies

• 1 black bikini swimsuit

In my purse (little front pannier):

• Hand wipes (remember, sanitizing freaks)

• Small sun screen (recent addition, looks like summer is on its way)

• Small hand lotion (habit)

• Sunglasses (also seen frequently on top of head)

• 1 pen

• 1 deck cards (from Holland; very cool their King is an ‘H,’ Queen is a ‘V’ and Jack a ‘B’)

• Broken rear light (just from today, it fell off my bike, so it will either land in the garbage or meet its fate of zip-ties for re-attachment).

• Digital camera

• Eye drops (got this contact, dry eye thing going on)

• City postcards (the boys all buy postcards, my purse is their temporary pit-stop), to be pasted in journals

• Wallet

• Small pouch with: 1 round of allergy pills, nail clippers, dental floss, band aids, 1 pony tail holder and blistex.

• 2 water bottles. Either for water or the occasional leftover wine… complete with carribeaner(s).

• Computer plus cord

• Book: MFK Fisher’s Art of Eating

• Bag: the little one that carries groceries, or lunch or extras and lands in my rear basket.

• Toiletry kit

• Ziploc bags with extras: matches, teeny sewing kit (used once to fix Anthony’s jacket and a button on James’ shirt), burn cream and itch cream (the latter already used numerous times for bug bites… but the trails through all the woods? worth it, no question), Neosporin, earphones, ipod, sporks (yes, we use them), spare bottle eye drops/Flonase, wine key, spare contact lenses, small packets of Woolite, extra round of shampoo/gel from last hotel…
• Small [dwindling] container of TUMS

• 1 candle for ambiance

• 1 small inflatable neck pillow

• 1 [brace yourselves] hypoallergenic pillow case cover (yep, bonafide germaphobe)

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