Italian Lapses!

I currently declare myself the worst blogger ever! I have not written a post in over a year (or close)! I must say I'm very sorry to everyone for not posting more of our family experience (I bet ten to one my parents still did an amazing job on that)---and my experience.

Now that I have gotten my self over that stiffened hurdle, I will commence the topic for today: Italian Lapses! I have realized over the past month my brain has absently been shifting to Italian [over small sentences, words, or even when I get freaked out by something (amazing my mind can translate that fast, eh?)]. For example: today while painting, a foot from my face an explosion of fire burst out from the greases of our delicious dinner (turkey = yum), and instead of saying something I would normally say, I said 'O Dio!' translating to 'O God!'

And the other day it smelled really bad like fennel and I was just like 'Eew, it smells like.....fin....finocchio......um, and in English, that means... oh yes! Fennel!'.

One problem: this side effect also sometimes feels like brain loss! I have forgotten how to spell some simple English words correctly (not that my grammar is any better)! Well, that will all get better in time.

More to be written....



  1. To quote you 'I have forgotten how to spell some simple English words'
    That made me laugh as that happens to me as well but I had put it down to old age, which is also why my Italian is so bad :)

  2. You made me laugh tonight, Caleb. :-) I remember traveling so much in a short amount of time that I kept using the wrong language in the wrong country. I was always one behind. :-) Well done on learning your Italian, though! :-)

  3. Fantastic! Your first thoughts are now in Italian. Are you dreaming in Italian too? Be sure to bring those thoughtful mementos home with you to the US. Don't worry, I think you'll pick up English grammar and spelling again easily once you return to Seattle. ;) In the mean time, ti divertimento!

  4. Anonymous24.5.10

    If it was me - I'd say something like -- I'm having a Senior moment! Sounds to me that you have made progress. That's marvolous! Looking forward to playing more games when you return. Love ya!
    Oma & Opa


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