food frolics in Florence

I have been a little lax in my posting as of late: I have been sick, which means most of the frolicking for the past two weeks has been inside my head---or inside my Florentine flat.

And it has been raining in Florence for two weeks. Really!

But that doesn't mean I have been entirely out of commission. On the contrary, I have still been writing and cooking, hanging out in my kitchen and going on walks with Anthony and Caleb. And since you might be more of a 'family frolics follower' than of [my other blog] Talk of Tomatoes, I figured it would be interesting to give you a quick summary of my food-frolics from over there.

Here is a round-up of my talkoftomatoes' food forays, some of which could quite easily count as frolicking-in-Florence:


  1. This constant rain is just so depressing and far from normal, hope you are feeling better.

  2. Anonymous15.5.10

    Hi Janelle, I've not been on the computer lately. I am glad to hear how you are. I hope the rain has stopped and that you are feeling better. Hi to James and your big boys.
    peace, julie fridenmaker:)

  3. And you say you were sick? You are a dynamo. I like to go to farmer markets. What are they like in Florence?

  4. Arlene: yep, we are all battling some head cold/flu thing. But oh well! I adore farmer's markets---I run into people when I am ogling all the yummy piles of food. In Florence there are a lot of tiny little fruit and vegetable stores---wedged in between other shops. Plus there is the huge mercato... a daily market like Pike Place in Seattle, but all food...

  5. Hope you're feeling all better--that's no fun at all, no matter where you are.

    And we love Pike Place--I did tell you we used to live in Seattle, didn't I?

  6. What?? No I didn't realize you lived in Seattle. I wish you still did!!!


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