frolicking friday fotos (round 6)

Am now posting frolicking fotos on fridays (if you post a frolicking friday foto---put your link in the comments below). When we travel as much as we do, and aim to soak up adventure and memory-making as we are... there are a lot of moments---and visuals---things that make us think, places that we love, art that makes us smile... and on and on. Frolicking fotos are like putting mental push-pins on our map of family fun. They are reminders of good times, pause-able moments, artistic perspective. And so on:

Pair of macchiatos. Shared by: Aunt Janelle and Nephew Jack in Florence, Italy. We snuck a coffee break during a walk-about-town with Aunt Janelle and the four boys: Anthony, Caleb, Sam and Jack (while the cousins' folks blitzed the Uffizi Gallery).

Just a few special moments each day makes all the difference.

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  1. Anonymous24.5.10

    We'd love to share a macchiato with you right now! Love ya!

    Oma & Opa


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