whirlwind tour with Gpa and Gma, part 1 (of 2)

My head goes bonkers when I try to remember all the things we did, places we went, food we ate, statues we saw, domes we climbed, museums we visited, trains we caught... with grandpa and grandma during their two week visit (for a photo album of their stay---click here).

To be fair, we didn't go to each exhibit with them---some museums we have frequented; so we would drop them on the appropriate doorstep and leave them to their devices. Fortunately, our residence is only ever a few blocks from the nearest tourist attraction.

I already wrote a post on Certaldo and San Gimignano, Cortona and Greve in Chianti---4 cities we visited with grandpa and grandma near the beginning of their stay with us (no time for jet lag... time to go!). In addition to those cities, we scurried through Castellina in Chianta, watched Anthony play a [very foggy] soccer game in Chiusi, spent 4 days in Rome and soaked up impressive amounts of Florence.

They left two days ago. And for their sake and ours, I decided I better make a list of our/their feats of tourism:

In Florence:
  1. The Uffizi Gallery (they loved the Dutch painters, Michelangelo's tondo and I couldn't get enough Boticelli...)
  2. The Bargello (filled with famous sculptures)
  3. The Duomo
  4. The Duomo Museum (sometimes overlooked by tourists, but in my opinion one of the most impressive museums in town!)
  5. The Baptistry (worth the sore neck from looking up and looking up some more)
  6. Le Academia (houses Michelangelo's DAVID)
  7. Palazzo Vecchio aka Palazzo Signoria
  8. San Lorenzo Church
  9. Medici Chapel/Sacristy
  10. Ponte Vecchio (we walked over the bridge to have a lovely lunch in the Oltrarno; plus mom and I grabbed wine another afternoon---with a window view of this infamous bridge!)
  11. Favorite Street: SS Apostoli is one of my favorite streets. An afternoon walk included a visit to a fabulous olive oil store, and a peek inside Santi Apostoli Church (which has a Robbia ceramic often overlooked but worth the find!)
  12. Watching Caleb play soccer at his Firenze Club
  13. Santa Croce (mom went with her college roommate---an unexpected treat!)
  14. Food out: stand-up sandwich/wine lunch, trying ribollita, cerci cookies, gelato run with grandkids, regular espressi/capuccini/macchiati...
  15. Food in: sangria, Cinghiali ragu on soft polenta, foccacia, mushroom risotto, pork chops with peppers (Mario), devils chicken (Mario), tuna/bean arugula salad, pasta with sausage/cream sauce, 1-2-3 chicken, homemade pizza with basic tomato sauce, pancetta wrapped raddicchio, lots of cheese/proscuitto/vino/chocolate/sambuca... we ate in a lot!
Grandpa/grandma: am I missing anything?
    And then there was Rome... (next post!)


    1. Anonymous31.1.10

      Sounds wonderful! Glad your Mom & Dad (Gma & Gpa) had a great time and returned safely.

      Oma & Opa

      PS We're ready to return!

    2. It was so so so great having you here! I am ready for you to return too!


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