My view of Hawaii

You may have heard my mom mention Hawaii in a previous post (see below), and I have decided to go into more detail on this.

It began on Christmas when our parents informed us that we would be going to Hawaii for roughly a week in mid-February. We looked at the various islands and accommodations, and eventually decided on Kailua Beach, Oahu. We found an amazing house with original oil paintings, roof deck, large bathrooms, large backyard, and over all, it was only 400 steps from the beach. The owner was exceedingly nice, and accommodating. It was an amazing experience. For more information see
http://www.vrbo.com/201037 .

As I said, the house is only 400 steps from the beach, which is great for the young family. There are several reasons as to why I say that. One is that it is completely sandy, and there are no rocks, shells, or other potentially harmful things in the water that we found at all, with the exception with one small snail. Two is it is a large curved beach, so you can see your child the whole time. And three, with the exception of three small hills the water is very shallow, as there is a long sand bar that goes as far out as my brother and I went. I would definitely suggest this beach for nearly all families though, especially boogey boarders.

After Kailua we stayed at Waikiki, which was a altogether different experience from the quiet Kailua beach. Here it was very crowded, and the waves were not very large, unless you went very far out, over reef, and to the larger breakers. Even then however it is really only good for surfers, as they have more buoyancy. However, it is an ideal beach for sandcastle building. If you aren't into the beach however, you can bet that there will be many small shops not far off the shore. As well as many good shops there are many good restuarants, almost all are amazing, depending on your tastes.

While we were in Hawaii we also had a chance to explore the inner part of Hanauma bay. Just a heads up, but it is 1 dollar for parking, per vehicle, and 5 dollars per person. See http://www.honolulu.gov/parks/facility/hanaumabay/information.htm for more information. I would also suggest that you get there very early, as their small parking lot fills up quickly, and you do not want to be caught in line. If you are first, you may also get a chance to see some sealife such as squid, before it is scared into deeper water.

Hawaii was a great experience for our family, and we will definitely return there as soon as we can.

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